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January 12, 2023jan-zheng

Welcome to Instill...!

A science-minded community for Phage Directory and beyond

Hi everyone, and welcome to our latest experiment, Instill!

For many years, folks in the Phage Directory community have clamored for something like a “real” community, e.g. forums. So a while back, we launched a Slack where people can hang out. Since then, we’ve kind of outgrown it, as many of the discussions are now locked behind their enormous paywall. Slack is $8 per user per month, and (checks notes) we have 5,300 members..?? That comes out to more than $42,000 per month 😅.

Anyway, we’ve played around with Discord, Discourse, and a few commenting and forum systems, and never really been happy with any of them — so we bit the bullet and tried our hand at building our own!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting our links, jobs, and conversations here. We’ll be pointing to Instill for our “What’s New,” “Jobs,” and “Community Board” sections.

Let us know how we can improve! Either create a post, or email me at

Let’s make a difference!
— Jan & Jessica }-<>


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