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Instill Science / Vésale Bioscience wins R&D grant
January 18, 2023atif-khan
Vésale Bioscience wins R&D
Phage therapy Antibiotic resistance phagogram In vitro diagnostic tool

Phage therapy specialist Vésale Bioscience gas bageds €1.8m from European Innovation Council (EIC) to fight antibiotic resistance (AMR). Under the grant provided by the EIC Accelerator Fund for the PhageDiag project, Belgian Vésale Bioscience BV (Namur) will develop a phage therapy diagnostic platform to fight multidrug-resistant infections. Within the PhageDiag project, a phagogram using artificial intelligence will be developed that enables decentralized diagnostics and personalized treatment of bacterial infections.
The EIC Accelerator jury said the project can provide a clear diagnosis “that allows a personalized phage treatment which potentially gives a higher rate of success.” PhageDiag, is a fast and user-friendly diagnostic technology, or phagogram, for personalized phage therapy. It is the first automated in vitro diagnostic tool to quickly determine suitable bacteriophages for treating a particular bacterial infection.

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