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Instill Science / PostDoc position: MICROBIAL BIOINFORMATICS
February 21, 2023atif-khan
PostDoc position: MICROBIAL
PostDoc position Microbial Bioinformatics

The Jiang lab at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is inviting qualified applications for postdoctoral research positions in the area of bioinformatics and data science. The overarching goal of the lab is to develop computational tools and approaches that advance our understanding of microbial and viral evolution and aid in the development of microbial-based diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive practices.
The selected candidate will be able to contribute to the ongoing projects in the lab, as well as develop their own independent research projects in microbial bioinformatics. Several projects are currently available including 1) identifying and characterizing microbial gene clusters of interest; 2) knowledge-based functional annotations of biosynthesis pathways; 3) building phage and bacterial interaction networks.

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