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June 9, 2023jessica-sacher

Attention all phage researchers! You’re invited to participate in an exciting initiative to help establish draft phage bank management guidelines for the community.

Please register your interest in participating here.

The process will unfold in stages:

Stage 1 (online survey, stay tuned — coming soon): Help define what topics should be included in the guidelines

Stage 2 (online survey): Collect detailed input on each of the topics identified in Stage 1

Stage 3 (in-person meetings): Please note that we have now added a second meeting in July, in addition to the first meeting in August - feel free to attend either or both

  1. July 2nd (day before VoM 2023 in Georgia): Discuss compiled responses to online surveys, especially on topics for which there are differing opinions. Virtual options will be available for remote attendees.
  2. August 6th (day before Evergreen in USA): This will be a second iteration of the July 2nd meeting, taking into account group opinions that have evolved. Virtual options will be available for remote attendees.

A limited number of scholarships will be available for those from lower- and middle-income countries who wish to attend this meeting. Please email Ria Kaelin ( and Tobi Nagel ( if you would like to apply for a scholarship.

Stage 4 (virtual discussions): Engage in virtual discussions to draft and finalize guidelines. Leaders will develop drafts for each topic and hold virtual meetings. Compiled draft will be shared with the group, and a final version will be published in a peer-reviewed journal and presented at VoM 2024.

To get started, please register your interest by completing this pre-questionnaire.

For questions or suggestions, please email:

Tobi Nagel:
Francesca Hodges:

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