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June 16, 2023jessica-sacher
Survey Biobank

Dear phage researchers,
You’re invited to participate in a new initiative to draft guidelines for managing phage banks, led by Tobi Nagel (Phages for Global Health) and Francesca Hodges (Innovate UK KTN).

Stage 1 (online survey: OPEN NOW): Define topics to include

Stage 2 (online survey): Gather input on each topic

Stage 3 (in-person & virtual discussions): Discuss responses, differing opinions

  • Sunday, July 2nd in Tbilisi, Georgia (just before VoM 2023
  • Sunday, August 6th in Olympia, Washington, USA (just before Evergreen)

Stage 4: Draft guidelines for publication (in a journal and at a conference)

Please fill out the survey for Stage 1 (10-15 min)

Tobi Nagel:
Francesca Hodges:

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