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Instill Science / PhD fellowship in Bacteriophage-Pathogen Interactions
January 18, 2023atif-khan
PhD fellowship in Bacteriophage-Pathogen
phage-pathogen interactions phage Isolation phage resistance bioinformatic approaches

The PhD project will focus on key elements of phage-based applications in these specific groups of pathogens, including 1) phage-pathogen interactions and diversity, 2) mechanisms and implications of phage resistance, 3) phage production, stability and delivery, 5) phage efficiency in reducing pathogen load and fish mortality. This includes isolation and characterization of broad host-range phages from aquaculture environments, investigations of genomics, evolution, host range and lytic potential of the isolated phages, and optimization of phage production and delivery. Further, phages will be applied to live feed and fish fry in both lab- and farm-scale experiments with Rainbow trout and Sea bass. The work will entail a combination of microbiological analyses (phage Isolation, and cutting-edge molecular and bioinformatic approaches (e.g. Real-Time PCR, genomic sequencing, microbiome analysis), in association with laboratory experiments.
Last date to apply: 01/02/2023

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