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Instill Science / PhageTailFinder: A tool for phage tail module detection and annotation
January 24, 2023atif-khan
PhageTailFinder: A tool for phage tail module detection and
Tool NCBI PhageTailFinder

To aid the exploitation of bacteriophages for therapeutic purposes, we developed the PhageTailFinder algorithm to predict tail-related proteins and identify the putative tail module in previously uncharacterized phages. The PhageTailFinder relies on a two-state hidden Markov model (HMM) to predict the probability of a given protein being tail-related. The process takes into account the natural modularity of phage tail-related proteins, rather than simply considering amino acid properties or secondary structures for each protein in isolation. The PhageTailFinder exhibited robust predictive power for phage tail proteins in novel phages due to this sequence-independent operation. The performance of the prediction model was evaluated in 13 extensively studied phages and a sample of 992 complete phages from the NCBI database.

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